data reporting and chargeback managment

We are obsessed with turning data into strategic information. Better information. Better management. Better results.

Our Mission

Our Values

Trust. It’s a simple, one syllable word, but it is the foundation of every relationship. How well you trust someone determines whether you classify them as friend or foe. At Parselytics we know that trust is something we must earn every single time we interact with you.


Our values center around earning and keeping your trust. We focus on Integrity, Transparency, and Reliability


Transparency is all about open communication. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our product and our company. We will communicate with you about any issues or problems and we will be honest when we do.


Reliability is all about meeting your expectations. You need to be able to rely on the results of the information you are given. You need to know when you can access data, when information is available, and that we are here to answer your questions.


In terms of character, integrity means keeping our word, acting responsibly and ethically, and dealing with you honestly. 

In terms of our product, integrity means that we don’t try to manipulate your numbers. We can help you interpret and classify your data only if requested but the data and how it is presented is yours. We keep it secure and we keep it confidential.

At Parselytics, we can offer you a fully integrated solution.
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