data reporting and chargeback managment

Parselytics helps you see the bigger picture through Business Intelligence

Financial Statements are great at helping you manage your business. But if that’s all you’re using, then it is analogous to the blind men examining an elephant. (One thought the elephant was like a snake because he only examined the trunk, another said it was like a spear, because he only touched the tusk…) 

You need more than financial statements to help you see the whole picture. We help you identify the information that is most important to you in managing your business. 

Then, custom reports are created that not only provides you with that information but can give you early warning signals when issues first arise.

Business Intelligence

Custom reports will help you make better decisions on whether you need to make adjustments to committed resources. 

% Increase In Sales
% Increase In Customer Retention
% Increase In Sales Revenue
% Faster Integration Of Business Apps

Optimize Your Business's Performance With Key Insights

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Focusing on key indicators of customer satisfaction can make your customers happier. It can result in improved reputation, reduced customer acquisition costs, lower turnover rates and, better product management.

Clarified direction and goals

By turning data into Strategic Intelligence, you get a better sense of the effectiveness of your strategic initiatives. You can better deploy your resources to achieve desired results.

Create efficiencies

Understanding the effect of deployed resources allows you to dial them up or down as needed. You can better manage and understand the effect of each additional unit.

Increase sales and revenue

Better information, results in better management, and better results! This translates into increased Sales, increased Revenues, and, more importantly, increased ROI.

Make Sense Of Complex Data Points

Get the Information You Need Make Impactful & Accurate Decisions

Running your business is more complicated than driving your car. Yet, when you drive you have many tools to help you get to your desired destination. Your car’s dashboard tells you when you are low on fuel, when you need your oil changed, when your tire pressure is low, and how fast you are traveling. You have maps that help you determine when you need to exit.

Parselytics provides the driving tools you need to efficiently and effectively get you to your desired business destination. We can help give you warning signals when you need to replenish or change resources. We can give you early warning when there appears to be a problem. And we can give you indicators to ensure you are on the right path and properly directed to your destination.