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API Integration

Make All Your Tools Work Seamlessly With API Integration

Your organization operates on several technology platforms and systems. Each of these systems has data that can be used to manage that particular piece of your business. Imagine the synergies that could be created if you could get those systems to speak with each other and to effortlessly share data. 

At Parselytics, we make all your technology tools work seamlessly together using Application Programming Interfaces (API) specifically customized for your unique situation. This amplifies the type and form of Business Intelligence available to you.

Optimize Your Business's Performance With Key Insights


With the right API integration, businesses can integrate leading technologies into their applications, resulting in a considerable decrease in time commitments. This advancement allows companies to reach their goals quicker while getting more done.


Integrating API greatly reduce the amount of development time and effort required to get an application up and running efficiently which will save you a lot of money


EASE Collaboration

The fundamental role of API integration is to allow platforms, applications, and systems to communicate more effectively. This can lead to improved collaboration amongst teams within a single organization

Boost Innovation

Innovation and creativity are key for businesses to remain competitive in ever-changing markets. Integrating APIs facilitate innovation by allowing businesses to implement state-of-the-art technologies without using up too much time or resources.

API integration in order management systems

To successfully process an order, you’ll need access to important data regarding products, customers, and inventory levels. There needs to be a constant interchange by integrating your online store into the shopping cart. This can easily and quickly be achieved through API integration to make your business more robust and efficient. 

Payment gateway integration in online stores

You don’t actively see the transaction when making a purchase online, but the data is being transferred to verify the details of your credit or debit card. This is accomplished by an integration between the eCommerce site and the payment gateway.