data reporting and chargeback managment
Fraud and Chargeback Management

When Is A Sale Not A Sale?

It could be a Chargeback!

Unfortunately, payment and chargeback fraud are a reality of doing business. Don’t let a few bad actors ruin your business or draw too heavily on your resources.

Manage your risks

We can review, research, and respond to chargeback requests so you can focus on improving customer service and offerings. You have better things to do than worrying about those who take advantage of the generosity of chargeback protection.

chargeback management software

Focus On Growth Not Risk

Parselytics has a dedicated team to manage chargeback risk and fraud. We are experienced in researching and replying to these allegations. Let us take this monkey off your back.

Better Customer Service

Spend less time dealing with fraudulent chargebacks and more time with customers who truly need your attention. This can enhance your brand and result in happier customers.

Enhance Profitability

With our preventative measures, you can reduce the occurrence of chargebacks. Fewer chargebacks decreases risk of loss, the amount of time you and your team spend on managing this issue and, therefore, enhanced profitability.

Increase Product Offerings

When you spend more time with quality customers, you can understand their needs and how they are using your product. This can result in additional sales and new products

Ask Parselytics’ Dedicated Team To Help You 

You have better things to do than
review, research, and respond to chargebacks

Managing chargebacks is a time consuming process. Moreover, the law requires you to respond to chargeback allegations within a certain time, or your rights as a seller, are forfeited. Those who routinely commit chargeback fraud, understand this and are counting on you to not have the time or the resources to address their charges.

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