Choosing A Point of Sale System (PoS) — Android, iOS or. Cloud-based

We're exploring the difference between using Android, iOS, and the cloud as a PoS?

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PoS (point of sale) systems are a must-have. Why? because it’s how you let customers pay for a good or service.

Most of the time, it’s a card reader attached to a cash register or a screen. There are so many different types. options range from small card readers that can be connected to your phone to cloud services where you can accept payment from anywhere. Speaking of many options, let’s explore the difference between using Android, iOS, and the cloud as a PoS?

The Difference?

There are not too many physical differences between using Android and iOS as a PoS. They’re both available on phones, tablets, and even watches. Many use the same technology. This is strictly a personal preference and depends on what you’re looking for. Android has the capacity for heavy customization and the iOS has locked security. However there is a distinction between these two and the cloud.

“Cloud” sounds complicated, but it’s not. It lets you transfer things from one person’s computer to another. Cloud can also let you pay virtually. Android and iOS require physical access to your customer. With this, there’s still not too big of a difference between the OSes (Android and iOS are operating systems).

Why Choose Android?

Android is very popular. You might have some security or software issues but it’s an open-source OS, meaning you can download whatever you want on it. 

Why Choose iOS?

iOS is a pretty closed environment. There’s a heavy focus on secrecy and security, meaning that the apps available on iOS are generally a bit more reliable than Android. However, that also means that you lose out on the sheer variety of apps.

Why Choose the Cloud?

The cloud might be a bit more complicated to run payments through, but it’s one of the most secure and works nearly everywhere. You also can take payments virtually and it is cheaper with tons of benefits.

Which One Should I Choose?

It all depends — for some people, Android might be the only option, while others may have only iOS or the cloud. Everything is based on what you need. Also integrating these POS systems effectively can make a huge difference in how effective they will be. Parselytics has a dedicated team to help explain all your options. Click here 

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