Is a self-service kiosk a worthy investment?

According to a recent Forbes survey, 65% of customers are more inclined to visit a business with a self-service kiosk. Of course, this is largely attributable to the novel COVID 19 pandemic’s effect and after-effects and has established itself as the new normal. Now, you may be wondering, how much do you need to invest in a self-ordering kiosk? Is the investment justifiable? Or perhaps, what benefit do the kiosks system offer your business? Hopefully, your questions will be answered by the end of this article. 

How much investment does a typical self-service kiosk require?

Considering the diversity of self-ordering kiosk systems in the industries they serve, it could be somewhat difficult to attribute a particular cost to them. However, based on a range of criteria and your particular requirements, there are some expenses you can always prepare for. For the basics such as tablets units and countertops, all the way to large format floor kiosks, the typical price variation should range from 1500 to 5000 USD. 

Kiosks systems within the lower price range are best suited for basic tasks such as checking in, wayfinding, etc – as these tasks don’t require much more than touch screen ordering systems, standard closure, maybe a printer. However, if what you seek is a custom kiosk featuring truckloads of functionalities, you should prepare to raise your investment budget as this would undoubtedly require extra assets such as ADA devices, cash recyclers, cameras, barcode readers, and more. 

All in all, if you desire an experience tailored to your business and at your budget, Parselytics offers a range of integrations (Kiosk POS integrations, eCommerce integrations), and as such, can make the entire process more accessible and approachable. 

Is this investment cost justifiable? 

Needless to say, self-ordering kiosk for restaurants have been all the rage, and this is even truer for several industries out there. And yes, this venture is a worthy investment for a range of reasons, here’s why. 

Conserve more resources 

One of the primary justifications to a pos kiosk investment is that it helps you conserve your resources, especially time allocated to staff. For instance, suppose you invest in a self-service visitor management tool. This pos kiosk system allows anyone to sign in even without the presence of a receptionist. This conserves administrative resources and enough time can be directed towards more vital tasks. However, whilst giving ears to this business integration, ensures that you do not neglect other essential aspects such as your analytics and reporting. This doesn’t have to take your time, you can make everything easier with Parselytics

Generate more revenue and profit

In all these, you get to increase your throughput, and ultimately, sales. Customers will always align with the business that offers them convenience, and that is what an ordering kiosk does because customers can take their time and most likely order more. Thus, regardless of the initial investment attributable to this venture, their ROI justifies this investment. As you become reputable as a brand and known for fast and convenient services, expect a geometric surge in your customer base. 
All in all, The self-service kiosk is not only a viable option to skyrocket efficiency within your business, but it can also be a cost-saving approach to maximizing your ROI. However, they can only be so effective when set up with utmost proficiency and professionalism. So, why not let Parselytics handle the entire process for you?

How Can Self-Service Kiosks Make Your Life Easier & Be A Great Analytics And Reporting Tool

People and businesses alike will do anything to save time. They are looking for new payment methods that are both more secure and more convenient. Rather than waiting in line for everyone to order one burger with everything, or without a particular thing, you can enter your order into the kiosk, swipe your card, and wait for the order to arrive. As an added perk to implementing kiosks in your business, they can be a great analytics and reporting tools

They allow you to avoid wait periods and they are extremely safe due to the EMV sales technology they are equipped with. Self-ordering kiosks appear to be a welcome addition to the fast-food business and convenience stores like Walmart and Target

A Self-service kiosk can shorten checkout times and increase customer satisfaction. Since we all know how important revenue metrics and marketing and sales analytics are, here are some statistics and reports:

66% percent of consumers that were questioned chose self-service options and self-checkout in a Retail Customer Experience article

A Self-service kiosk can help make the process faster which is some of the ROI drivers of self-service kiosks, according to this Retail Customer Experience study, also increase customer satisfaction, and improve organizational processes.

Kiosk lines might become larger the more people flock to it. Also some businesses may still refuse to accept cashier-less payments. Also some people prefer to give over cash to a physical person. Having said that, the self-service kiosk will be a welcome addition to those who we might consider as independent buyers.

Even Though, nowadays we heavily rely on technology, yet machines aren’t always perfect, and there will be times when they don’t operate or need to be updated and maintained. This needs the intervention of a human employee to address the problem. Parselytics is reliable and offer free maintenance on all of their kiosks. Click here to inquire about Self service Kiosks